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  • Attend 2 LIVE classes by Zoom (tech support available up to 15 minutes prior to every class)
  • Personalized follow-up by phone to guide you on your way to a stronger YOU
  • Limited class size / no more than 12 per class so we can maintain individual instruction and results-focused. 


*Our movement classes utilize exercise bands with handles to provide a low-risk, convenient medium for exercise.

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    At 2nd-Half Fitness, our passion is helping people live fuller lives with less pain. The second half of your life doesn’t have to be less active than the first! Through our series of live in-person and online classes, you can experience greater flexibility, endurance, and strength by joining our live sessions. When you start your free trial, you’ll get unlimited access to our online fitness classes. 

    Plus, you get access to personal trainer, Eric Beins, to help you every step of the way with customized support. When you respond today, you’ll unlock a 2-week free trial. (It’s REALLY FREE!) So what do you have to lose?